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A Haunted Bowl of Soup 移動的湯碗之謎

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A Haunted Bowl of Soup 移動的湯碗之謎


 Nobita had a very long and trying day at work. He left feeling exhausted and decided to eat dinner at his favorite Japanese restaurant. As he entered the restaurant, he noticed a vacant seat. He plopped down and called the waitress over. He ordered a bowl of miso soup, a small plate of nigiri, and a shrimp-and-asparagus hand-roll. Within minutes, the waitress brought his hot miso soup and placed it on the table. She said she would be right back.
 Nobita noticed that his hot bowl of soup was very slowly moving across the table. Then he noticed that inside the bowl a mysterious dark ball was forming. The bowl continued to slowly slide across the table. “Ghost!” he cried. He then ran out of the restaurant.
 What happened here? No, it’s not a ghost story. Nobita wasn’t hallucinating, either. The bowl did move. An unexplainable ball did form in the middle of the bowl. How could these events have happened?
 Once placed in front of Nobita, the hot bowl began heating the table, causing steam to form. The steam turned to water and collected at the bottom of the bowl. This reduced friction and allowed the bowl to slide. The hot soup also heated air trapped in the indentation under the bowl. The expanding hot air actually lifted the bowl up, causing it to slide on the wet table. As for the ball inside the bowl, the particles of miso simply followed the convection of heat rising in the liquid, like thunderclouds rising and forming on a hot summer day. Someone please tell Nobita that what he saw was not supernatural. It was the natural world of physics.


asparagus n. 蘆筍
hallucinate vi. 產生幻覺
friction n. 摩擦力
indentation n. 凹陷,凹口
particle n. 粒子,微粒
convection n.(液體、氣體的)對流
thundercloud n. 雷雨雲
thunderstorm n. 大雷雨

1. haunted a. 鬧鬼的
A number of odd things took place in that haunted house.
2. trying a. 令人難受的;惱人的;困難的
Taking care of those naughty kids is a very trying job.
3. exhausted a. 疲憊不堪的
Both Darren and I felt exhausted after our long hike.
4. vacant a. 空著的;空缺的
vacancy n. 空位;空缺(= opening)
When Lisa arrived at the auditorium, there were no vacant seats.
Now that Mr. Smith has left, we have a vacancy for a new English teacher.
5. mysterious a. 神祕的
The storybook Anna is reading tells of a mysterious city beneath the ocean.
6. unexplainable a. 無法解釋的
explainable a. 可解釋的
My encounter with the ghost was an unexplainable story.
7. collect vi. 積聚;聚集 & vt. 蒐集
The rain water collected at the bottom of the well.
Bill has been collecting stamps for more than 30 years.
8. trap vt. 困住
A few people trapped in the burning building died from smoke inhalation.
9. inhalation n. 吸入
expand vi. & vt.(使)膨脹( 本文為現在分詞作形容詞用)
The air in this balloon expanded when heated, and then it burst.
10. supernatural a. 超自然的
The witch is able to communicate with the dead; the power she has is supernatural.
11. physics n. 物理學
Einstein’s theory of relativity was a landmark in physics.

1. plop down  一屁股坐下
plop vi. & vt. 重重地坐下;隨便地放下
Joe walked into the classroom and plopped down next to me.
2. in the middle of...  在??的中間;在??之中
There is a fountain in the middle of the square.
3. at the bottom of...  在??的底部/末端
You can find the page number at the bottom of each page in the book.

slide vi. 滑動,滑行
三態為:slide, slid, slid。
• On weekends, we like to slide down the grassy slope at the park.

1. glide vi. 滑行,滑動
The ice skater glided gracefully on the ice before jumping in the air.
2. slip vi. 滑倒
Adam slipped on the wet floor and hurt his back.
3. skid vi. 打滑
That car skidded and turned over on the highway.
4. slither vi.(尤指蛇)滑動/爬行
Gina watched a snake slither away into the grass.
5. coast vi.(通常指憑藉慣性)滑行/下滑
Alex coasted downhill on his bike as he enjoyed the picturesque scenery.







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