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Woman Plays Violin during Brain Surgery 醫界創舉 英國小提琴家開顱手術中演奏

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Woman Plays Violin during Brain Surgery 醫界創舉 英國小提琴家開顱手術中演奏


  In February, a video that went viral showed 53-year-old Dagmar Turner playing the violin while surgeons at King’s College Hospital in London removed a tumor from her brain. The tumor was located in her right frontal lobe near an area that coordinates hand movements. To ensure that Turner, a professional concert violinist, would not lose her ability to play the instrument, doctors woke her up during the surgery. Turner then proceeded to play while the surgeons resected the mass. Though it is common for patients to be awoken during brain surgery to run language tests, a neurosurgeon at the hospital noted that this was the first time one of his patients had played an instrument.

Algae Turns Antarctica Snow Red 

極地雪藻異常增生 南極加速融雪

  In February, a startling development was observed in Antarctica: blood red snow. While the images suggest the aftermath of a grisly massacre, the cause is actually algae and climate change. Earlier in the month, Antarctica experienced record high temperatures which caused snow and ice to melt and, subsequently, led to a blooming of dormant red-colored green algae. Called “raspberry snow” or “watermelon snow,” these red blooms can intensify climate change as the snow becomes less reflective and melts faster, which creates a feedback loop that increases the spread of the algae. While global warming is driving this current outbreak, the phenomenon isn’t new. It was witnessed and first recorded back in the 3rd century BCE by Aristotle.


   surgeon n. 外科醫生
   tumor n. 腫瘤
   frontal lobe  額葉
      frontal a. 前面/正面的(僅用於名詞前)
      lobe n.(腦、肺等的)葉(術語)
   violinist n. 小提琴家;小提琴手
   resect vt. 切/割除(醫學術語)
   mass n. 塊,團
   neurosurgeon n. 神經外科醫生
      neuro- / neur- prefix 神經的

   algae n. 藻類(為 alga 的複數形,常視為集合名詞,不可數)
   Antarctica n. 南極洲
   grisly a. 恐怖的;令人極其厭惡的
   massacre n. 大屠殺
   bloom vi. 大量出現(本文為動名詞用法)&
n. 紅暈;健康的氣色
   dormant a. 休眠的
   raspberry n. 覆盆子,樹莓
   loop n. 環,圈

1.    surgery n. 手術
•   The patient underwent a thorough medical examination before the surgery.
2.    coordinate vt. 協調;使搭配
•   Gross motor skills coordinate the large muscle groups that control our arms and legs.
3.    ensure vt. 確保,保證
      ensure + N / that 子句  確保……
•   The company took many measures to ensure its product’s success.
•   Please ensure that you bring back the bicycles by 9:00 p.m., or you’ll be charged for an extra day.
4.    proceed vi. 繼續進行
      proceed to V  接著/繼而做……
•   After you decide your vacation destination, I will proceed to make your travel arrangements.
5.    awake vt. 喚醒 & vi. 醒來
      三態為:awake, awoke, awoken。
•   Charlie had just fallen asleep when suddenly his cat meowed and awoke him.
•   Gerald awoke when he heard somebody walking in the kitchen.
6.    startling a. 令人震驚的
      startle vt. 使驚訝/嚇一跳
•   Dolly’s new hairdo affected a startling change in her appearance.
7.    aftermath n. (戰爭、天災、事故等災難後的)餘波/後果
      in the aftermath of...  在……(災難)過後
•   In the aftermath of the war, many people were left homeless.
8.    subsequently adv. 隨後
•   Stanley was arrested and subsequently sentenced to life in prison.
9.    intensify vt. & vi.(使)加劇/增強
•   Cold fronts embedded in the westerlies intensified the rain, setting a new daily rainfall on record.
*westerly n. 西風(常用複數)
10.  reflective a. 能反光的
•   The reflective strips on the vest can make wearers more visible in the dark.
11.  feedback n. 回饋/反應(不可數)
•   The boss asked for feedback from employees on the new policy.
12.  outbreak n.(戰爭、疾病等)爆發
•   The outbreak of the plague claimed thousands of lives.

1.   go viral  在網路上迅速流傳
      viral a. 在網路上迅速流傳的;病毒的
•   Sarah’s video has gone viral since she posted it on YouTube last month.
莎拉的影片自從上個月被她發布在 YouTube 上後,便在網路上迅速流傳。
2.    remove A from B  將 A 從 B 中除去
•   Remove the batteries from the scale if you’re not going to use it in the near future.

observe   vt. 觀察到,注意到,看到
•   Micky observed a chemical reaction between the candy and soda.
a.    witness   vt. 目擊,親眼看見
•   Gina had to appear in court for the crime she witnessed.
b.    spot   vt. 注意到,發現
•   The kids spotted a duck behind the bushes.
c.    notice   vt. 注意到
•   I noticed that the handsome guy keeps looking at me every few minutes.
d.    detect   vt. 發現,察覺(尤指不容易察覺到的事物)
•   The clerk detected a sense of urgency in the customer’s voice.
e.    perceive   vt. 察覺,注意到(正式用法)
•   We perceived an unusual stir in the crowd while approaching.

醫界創舉 英國小提琴家開顱手術中演奏


極地雪藻異常增生 南極加速融雪

  二月時,人們在南極觀察到了一個驚人的情況 ── 血紅色的雪。雖然這些影像讓人聯想到一樁慘烈大屠殺後的景象,但原因其實是藻類和氣候變化。在二月稍早時,南極洲經歷了創紀錄的高溫並造成冰雪融化,隨後導致休眠中的紅色綠藻大量出現。這些雪地紅暈被稱為「覆盆子雪」或「西瓜雪」,它們會讓雪的反射能力降低並融化得更快,因而加劇氣候變化,形成一個擴大藻類生長範圍的回饋循環。儘管全球暖化正在催化這波雪藻的爆發,但此種現象並非首見。亞里斯多德在西元前三世紀就曾親眼目睹並首度將其記錄下來。



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