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The Life of Peter Dinklage 站在《權力遊戲》上的小巨人 ── 彼得•汀克萊傑

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The Life of Peter Dinklage 站在《權力遊戲》上的小巨人 ── 彼得•汀克萊傑
Much like Tyrion Lannister—the role that made him famous—Peter Dinklage is a man of depth and character.


  Born in Morristown, New Jersey, in 1969, American actor Peter Dinklage had an interest in the performing arts from an early age. He got his first taste of success playing the lead role in a fifth-grade production of The Velveteen Rabbit. The positive response he received from friends and audience members inspired him to continue acting throughout high school, and later, to pursue a drama degree.
  Born with dwarfism, Dinklage faced a number of challenges throughout his career. Because he refused to take elf and leprechaun roles, he initially struggled to find work. His first break came in 1995, when he was cast in the independent comedy-drama Living in Oblivion. Coincidentally, Dinklage played the role of an actor with dwarfism who was frustrated with his stereotypical roles.
  Over 15 years later, it was his role as Tyrion Lannister in the hit HBO television series Game of Thrones that would finally bring Peter Dinklage to the world’s attention. The depth of Dinklage’s performance would earn him multiple awards and make him one of the highest-paid TV stars of all time.


1. character n.(尤指好的)人格,品行
Education is very important when it comes to building one´s character.
2. get sb’s first taste of...  某人初嚐……的滋味,首次體驗到……
As a child, I got my first taste of music by listening to the church choir.
* choir n.(尤指教堂的)唱詩班;合唱團
3. production n. 上演;製片,製作
The play´s writer quit her job, so the production was delayed.
4. pursue vt. 追求,繼續進行
One should do whatever it takes to pursue one´s dreams.
5. initially adv. 起先,最初
= in the beginning
Einstein’s research was initially ignored by other scientists.
6. cast vt. 選派角色,挑選演員(三態同形)
The director began to cast actors for her new movie.
7. coincidentally adv. 巧合地
Coincidentally, the boy I have a crush on lives next door to me.
8. frustrated a. 感到挫折的,氣餒的
Ted was frustrated by the lack of appreciation shown for his work.
* appreciation n. 賞識;欣賞

lead role n. 主角
velveteen n. 天鵝絨,綿絨
dwarfism n. 侏儒症
elf [ Elf ] n.(童話中長著尖耳朵的)小精靈,小妖精
leprechaun n.(愛爾蘭傳說中的)矮妖精
break n. 機會;機緣;好運
oblivion n. 被遺忘,被忘卻
stereotypical a. 刻板印象的;類型化的
throne n. 王座;王位

of all time
of all time 為介詞片語,表「空前的,有史以來」,使用時,通常放在有最高級形容詞修飾的名詞之後。
This movie, The Godfather, is rated as one of the most popular films of all time.
I’ve received the best Valentine´s Day gift of all time─a mask.
我收到了有史以來最棒的情人節禮物 ── 就是口罩。
William Shakespeare is one of the most important authors of all time.

站在《權力遊戲》上的小巨人 ── 彼得•汀克萊傑

  美國演員彼得•汀克萊傑於 1969 年誕生於紐澤西州的摩里斯鎮,從小就對表演藝術深感興趣。他在五年級上演的作品《絨毛兔》中擔綱主角,初嚐成功的滋味。他從朋友及觀眾那裡所獲得的正面回應鼓舞他在高中期間持續演戲,後來更進一步取得戲劇方面的學位。
  彼得•汀克萊傑一出生就患有侏儒症,導致他在整個職業生涯中面臨到許多挑戰。因為他拒絕飾演小精靈及矮妖精這類角色,所以他出道時很難找到工作。他的首次機緣出現在 1995 年,當時他在《開麥拉狂想曲》這部獨立製作的喜劇電影裡演出。很巧的是,汀克萊傑在裡面扮演的就是患有侏儒症的演員,戲裡的他對自己所飾演的刻板角色相當氣餒。
  逾十五年之後,他在 HBO 的熱門影集《權力遊戲》中所扮演的提利昂•蘭尼斯特這個角色,終於讓全球都注意到他這號人物。汀克萊傑的深刻演出替他贏得多個獎項,並讓他成為有史以來價碼最高的電視明星之一。



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The Joker’s Real-Life Medical Condition 控制不了的狂笑爆哭 ── 假性延髓效應

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2020/06/30 第467期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

The Joker’s Real-Life Medical Condition 控制不了的狂笑爆哭 ── 假性延髓效應
by William Ryan

▲圖片來源:Clare Louise Jackson / Shutterstock.com


  The Hollywood blockbuster Joker was released last October to great reviews. It was praised for its mostly accurate depiction of an under-reported medical condition and empathetic portrayal of the film’s afflicted character, Arthur Fleck, played by Joaquin Phoenix. __1__
  In Joker, we learn that the villain’s haunting laugh is actually the manifestation of a condition called the Pseudobulbar affect (PBA). PBA sufferers undergo episodes of uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying that can last for several minutes. __2__ PBA might seem to resemble mental illnesses like bipolar disorder or severe depression, but it is actually a neurological impairment and not considered a mental disorder. Even though PBA affects between two and seven million people in the United States alone, it is seldom discussed in the media. Thanks to Joker, the condition is getting some well-deserved attention.
  __3__ When a triggering incident occurs on a train during one of his episodes, Fleck snaps, and soon descends into the hideous villainy that has become the Joker’s stock-in-trade.
  Critics point out that Fleck’s episodes are exclusively laughing outbursts; he never cries. __4__ Citing other examples, they claim the film exploits those afflicted with the disease by oversimplifying PBA for dramatic effect.
  Joker has faced backlash on the grounds that Fleck, a rejected man who uses horrendous violence to strike back, is portrayed too sympathetically. Critics say this sends the wrong message to viewers. __5__ However, like violent video games, research suggests viewing such games and films doesn’t cause aggression.
(A) On the other hand, people may also suffer from PBA because of traumatic brain injury.
(B) However, the film quickly became a subject of controversy.
(C) Some have even called Joker a dangerous movie that could lead to people committing acts of violence.
(D) Because these outbursts are uncontrollable, PBA is sometimes called emotional incontinence.
(E) Real-life PBA sufferers, however, experience uncontrollable crying episodes far more frequently than laughing outbursts.
(F) In Joker, though not necessarily in reality, Fleck’s episodes are triggered by anger, anxiety, shock, or embarrassment.

▲圖片來源:Sherlock_wijaya / Shutterstock.com

▲圖片來源:Kristina Kokhanova / Shutterstock.com


blockbuster n. 賣座大片
empathetic a. 同理心的
 empathy n. 同理心
portrayal n. 描繪
 portray vt. 描繪
villain n. 反派角色;壞人
 villainy n. 惡行,邪惡行為
manifestation n. 表示,顯示
episode n.(醫學)疾病發作;事件;(相關的)一連串事件;一段經歷
bipolar disorder  躁鬱症
 bipolar a. 抑鬱性精神病的
neurological a. 神經(系統)的
impairment n. 受損
snap vi.(精神等)突然崩潰;突然失去自制力
hideous a. 醜陋的,可怕的
stock-in-trade n. 典型特點/行為;慣用手法
oversimplify vt. 過於簡化
backlash n. 強烈反對
horrendous a. 可怕的,令人驚駭的
sympathetically adv. 表示同情地

1. 第一題空格應選 (B)
a. 本空格在測試對段落結論句的掌握。
b. 本段主要在說明《小丑》這部好萊塢賣座片上映後的評價,先敘述該片因其對一種未被充分報導的疾病大致做了準確的描述,以及對電影中主角富有同理心的呈現方式而受到讚揚,而選項 (B) 表示,然而,這部電影也很快成為爭議的話題,語意連貫,且選項中的 became a subject of controversy(成為爭議的話題)與前一句的 It was praised(它受到讚揚)形成對比,可知 (B) 應為正選。
controversy n. 爭議
• The book has caused a lot of controversy ever since it went on sale.

2. 第二題空格應選 (D)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意發展的掌握,答題線索為空格前的 uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying。
b. 選項 (D) 表示,因為這些情緒的爆發無法控制,所以 PBA 有時被稱為情緒失禁,語意連貫,且選項中的 these outbursts(這些爆發)指的即是前一句的 uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying(無法控制且可能不恰當的大笑或大哭),可知答案應選 (D)。
a. outburst n.(尤指憤怒等情緒的)爆發
• As a result of his outburst, Arnold was fired.
b. incontinence n. 失禁

3. 第三題空格應選 (F)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意連貫性的掌握,空格後一句提及,在火車上一起導致佛萊克疾病發作的導火線發生時,他突然情緒崩潰,可推測空格應提及佛萊克情緒崩潰的由來。
b. 選項 (F) 表示,在《小丑》中,佛萊克的發作都是由憤怒、焦慮、震驚或尷尬所引起的,語意連貫,且空格後一句舉出佛萊克情緒崩潰的一個實例,可知答案應選 (F)。
anxiety n. 焦慮
• Rosie’s anxiety about unemployment is understandable.

4. 第四題空格應選 (E)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意連貫性的掌握,空格前一句提到,有批評者指出,佛萊克發作的時刻都只有狂笑而從來不哭,而空格後一句提及,該部電影為了戲劇效果而將 PBA 陳述得過於簡略,可推測空格應與 PBA 病患除了會無法控制地狂笑外也會突然爆哭有關。
b. 選項 (E) 表示,現實生活中的 PBA 病患發作時經歷的無法控制的爆哭時刻要比狂笑頻繁得多,語意連貫,且選項 (E) 與前一句皆提及 laughing outbursts(狂笑),可知答案應選 (E)。
real-life a. 真實(生活)的
• Students will learn how to apply these theories to real-life situations in this class.

5. 第五題空格應選 (C)
a. 本空格在測試對段落語意連貫性的掌握,空格前一句提及,批評者說這向觀眾傳遞了錯誤的訊息,而空格後一句提及,研究表明,觀看這種遊戲和電影並不會誘發攻擊行為,可推測空格應與觀看《小丑》這部電影可能會造成負面行為有關。
b. 選項 (C) 表示,有些人甚至稱《小丑》是一部危險的電影,可能導致人們做出暴力行為,語意連貫,且選項中的 committing acts of violence(做出暴力行為)與後一句的 aggression(攻擊行為)相互呼應,可知答案應選 (C)。
commit vt. 犯(罪/錯等)
• The bomber committed suicide after being caught.

1. descend into...  陷入/落進……
 descend vi. 下降,降落
• The demonstration in protest of sexual discrimination rapidly descended into chaos.

2. on the grounds + that 子句  基於……的理由
• Bill broke up with Angela on the grounds that she was too selfish.

1. afflict vt. 使痛苦,折磨
 be afflicted with...  為……所苦,受……折磨
• My grandmother is afflicted with a rare disease.

2. haunting a. 縈繞心頭的
 haunt vt.(某事)縈繞於心
• Joseph was haunted by the memory of the terrible accident.

3. undergo vt. 經歷(不好的事情)
 三態為:undergo, underwent, undergone。
• The woman underwent a very difficult period in her life after the divorce.

4. uncontrollable a. 無法控制的
• At times, Tom suffers from uncontrollable sneezing attacks.

5. inappropriate a. 不恰當的,不適合的
 appropriate a. 恰當的,適合的
• Roy’s inappropriate comment offended his friends.

6. depression n. 憂鬱症;沮喪
• Experts now consider depression to be an illness.

7. exclusively adv. 僅僅;獨家地
• This perfume is sold exclusively in Paris.

8. cite vt. 引用
• The woman cited three reasons why she should have custody of the children.
 *custody n. 監護(權)

9. exploit vt. 剝削;利用
• Alex is planning on suing the company for exploiting their employees.

10. aggression n. 攻擊(行為)
• Nancy thinks television violence can encourage aggression in children.

trigger vt. 引起,觸發
• The mayor’s speech triggered a riot in the crowd.
除了 trigger 之外,以下介紹幾個也有「引起,觸發」之意的常見單字:
a. activate vt. 觸發,啟動
• If you smoke in here, you may activate the alarm.
b. generate vt. 引起,產生
• Gary’s jokes generated a great deal of laughter.
c. induce vt. 引起,誘發
• Taking a sauna induces profuse sweating, which helps the body rid itself of toxins.
d. prompt vt. 引起,促使
• The chemical spill prompted an emergency evacuation of the local residents.
e. provoke vt. 引發
• Yeast can provoke allergic reactions in some people.

控制不了的狂笑爆哭 ── 假性延髓效應

  在《小丑》中,我們了解到該反派角色縈繞人心的笑聲事實上是一種稱作假性延髓效應(PBA)的疾病表現。PBA 患者發作時會經歷無法控制且可能在不恰當時機持續數分鐘的大笑或大哭時刻。因為這些情緒的爆發無法控制,所以 PBA 有時被稱為情緒失禁。PBA 或許看起來像躁鬱症或嚴重憂鬱症等精神疾病,但它實際上是神經功能障礙,不被視為精神障礙。雖然單在美國就有兩百萬至七百萬人受 PBA 影響,此病症卻很少在媒體上被討論。多虧有《小丑》,這種病症正得到一些應有的關注。
  在《小丑》中(儘管未必會發生在現實中),佛萊克的發作都是由憤怒、焦慮、震驚或尷尬所引起的。在火車上一起導致佛萊克疾病發作的導火線發生時,他突然情緒崩潰,然後很快陷入了醜陋的惡行中,而這之後成了小丑的慣常行為(編按:此處使用大寫的 Joker 一方面是呼應蝙蝠俠裡 Joker 的誕生,另一方面則宣示他不再是許多 clowns 中的一個,而是已殺了不少人、引發暴動的象徵領袖)。
  批評者指出,佛萊克發作的時刻都只有狂笑而從來不哭。不過,現實生活中的 PBA 病患發作時經歷的無法控制的爆哭時刻要比狂笑頻繁得多。他們引述其他例子,聲稱這部電影為了戲劇效果而將 PBA 陳述得過於簡略,對於受此疾病所苦的人而言極不公平。
答案:1. B 2. D 3. F 4. E 5. C



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