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Excuse Me, There's Whiskey in My Coffee 愛爾蘭咖啡 溫暖你我的心

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Excuse Me, There's Whiskey in My Coffee 愛爾蘭咖啡 溫暖你我的心
by Lauren McCarthy



  All around the world, you can find people adding liquor to coffee. However, few versions are as well known as the Irish coffee. This boozy beverage is a perfect winter drink whether you are sitting by a fire or trying to warm up after being out in the rain. But exactly how did this drink come to be so popular?
  According to legend, Irish coffee originated in the 1940s on the west coast of Ireland in the small village of Foynes. In 1943, a Pan Am seaplane bound for New York City took off—a trip that at that time took more than 24 hours. However, the crew was forced to return to Ireland when it encountered a storm over the Atlantic Ocean. Cold and wet, the passengers departed the plane and requested something to eat and drink. Joe Sheridan, the restaurant chef at the Foynes Flying Boat terminal, added a dash of whiskey to the cups of coffee he served. When asked if he had used Brazilian coffee beans, Sheridan replied that it was Irish coffee.
  Sheridan then adjusted and tweaked the recipe until he settled on a mixture of coffee, whiskey, and sugar topped with a floating layer of thick cream. To make the drink visually appealing, he served it in a stemmed glass so the division between coffee and cream could be seen. Later, this concoction was served to all passengers that flew through Foynes, including politicians, movie stars, and entertainers. Today, visitors at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum can see photos of stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, enjoying one of Sheridan's Irish coffees before the next leg of their journey. They can also enjoy a glass of the boozy coffee prepared as it was more than 70 years ago.
1. What can you learn about Irish coffee from the passage?
(A) It was the first cocktail to mix coffee and alcohol.
(B) It is a drink that many people are familiar with.
(C) It is only served in Ireland during wintertime.
(D) It has a taste that many people do not like.
2. What does the word "it" in the second paragraph refer to?
(A) Ireland.
(B) The seaplane.
(C) New York City.
(D) The small village of Foynes.
3. Who did Sheridan first serve his Irish coffee to?
(A) A movie star at the airport.
(B) Passengers coming off a cruise ship.
(C) People taking a flight to the US.
(D) The chef at the restaurant he worked at.
4. What was done to make Sheridan's drink seem more special and unique?
(A) It was prepared with cream fresh from the local dairy.
(B) Sheridan used whiskey that he distilled himself.
(C) It was featured in ads with famous movie stars.
(D) The drink was served in a clear glass for a striking look.


whiskey n. 威士忌酒(美式,英式拼法為 whisky)
liquor n. 烈酒,蒸餾酒
boozy a. 酒精濃度高的
tweak vt. 改進,修改
a stemmed glass  高腳玻璃杯
concoction n. 混合飲料
leg n. 一段(航程、旅程或賽程等)
cocktail n. 雞尾酒
distill vt. 蒸餾

1. version n. 版本
The Chinese version of that story is even more interesting than the original.

2. beverage n.(水以外的)飲料
What kind of beverage would you like with your meal?

3. legend n. 傳說
Legend has it that...  傳說……
Legend has it that there is buried treasure in the cave.

4. encounter vt. & n. 遭遇
We encountered a small problem during the trial period.

5. depart vt. & vi. 離開
depart for...  動身前往……
The Monday flight departs Manchester at 9:35 a.m. and lands at Göteborg at 12:30 p.m.
John departed for Tokyo yesterday and won't be back until Monday.

6. terminal n.(飛機)航廈;(公車等的)總站
By the time I got to the terminal, the bus had already left.

7. layer n. 層
The volcano erupted at midnight, burying the entire town in a layer of toxic ash.

8. visually adv. 視覺上
I am not good at visually judging distance.

9. appealing a. 有吸引力的
Spending a day at the spa sounded very appealing to Margaret.

10. division n. 區分;分配;部門
The kids quarreled over the division of the cake.

1. warm up(...)  (使……)暖和起來
Drink some ginger tea, and you'll soon warm up.

2. be bound for + 地方  前往某地
We were bound for Kaohsiung on the HSR when a typhoon hit.

3. a dash of...  些許……
The chef put just a dash of pepper in the sauce.

4. a mixture of A and B  A 和 B 的混合
This cocktail is basically a mixture of orange juice and vodka.

5. be topped with...  上面有……,被……覆蓋
Our beef is roasted to perfection and topped with fresh onions.

originate vi. 發源,起源
originate in + 時間  源自某時
• The philosophies of the Enlightenment originated in the 18th century.
以下介紹 originate 的其他搭配詞:
a. originate in + 地方  源自某地
The Olympics originated in Greece over 2,000 years ago.
b. originate from + 地方  發源/源自於某地
Word has it that the practice of headhunting originated from that island.
c. originate from sth  源自於某事物
Many works of Western literature originated from Greek mythology.
d. originate with / among sb  起源於/始於某人
The idea of having a farewell party for David originated with Tina.
e. originate as sth  最初/原本是某事物
The big city originated as a small trading port.

All around the world, you can find people adding liquor to coffee.
介紹 find 作不完全及物動詞的用法
※ find 作不完全及物動詞時,加受詞後須再接受詞補語以補充說明受詞的狀態,表「發現/發覺受詞處於某種狀態」,受詞補語可以是名詞、形容詞、分詞或介詞片語,說明如下:
a. find + 受詞 + 現在分詞(表主動或動作正在進行,本句即屬此用法)
• When I got to the campsite, I found Brandon setting up the tent.
b. find + 受詞 + 過去分詞(表被動或完成的狀態)
• We found a cat stuck in the tree and decided to rescue it with a ladder.
c. find + 受詞 + 名詞 / 形容詞(修飾受詞)
• We find swimming alone in the river dangerous.
d. find + 受詞 + 介詞片語(表位置)
• You will find a bowl of soup on the kitchen counter.
※ find 作不完全及物動詞時,其後不可直接接不定詞片語(to + 原形動詞)作受詞,而要先用虛受詞 it 取代,加了補語(形容詞或名詞)後,再接不定詞片語,此不定詞片語才是真受詞,用法如下:
find it + Adj./N + to V  
• I find it impossible to stay in this cold room any longer.
• Kevin found it a waste of time to read this book.

愛爾蘭咖啡 溫暖你我的心

  根據傳說,愛爾蘭咖啡起源於 1940 年代、位於愛爾蘭西岸的小村落福因斯。1943 年,一架即將前往紐約市的泛美航空水上飛機起飛 ── 這在當時是需費時超過二十四小時的旅程。然而,這架水上飛機在大西洋上空遇到暴風雨時,其機組人員被迫返回愛爾蘭。乘客又溼又冷地下了飛機,要求一些食物跟飲品。福因斯飛船航站的餐廳主廚喬•謝里丹在他供應的一杯杯咖啡中加入了些許的威士忌。當謝里丹被問及他是不是使用巴西咖啡豆時,他回道,那是愛爾蘭咖啡。
1. 你可以從本文了解關於愛爾蘭咖啡的什麼事?
(A) 它是第一種混合咖啡和酒精的雞尾酒。
(B) 它是一種許多人都熟悉的飲品。
(C) 它只在冬天的愛爾蘭提供。
(D) 它擁有一種許多人都不喜歡的風味。
2. 第二段的單字 "it" 指的是什麼?
(A) 愛爾蘭。 (B) 水上飛機。
(C) 紐約市。 (D) 小村落福因斯。
3. 謝里丹最先供應他的愛爾蘭咖啡給誰?
(A) 該機場的一位電影明星。
(B) 從遊艇上下來的乘客。
(C) 要飛往美國的人。
(D) 他工作的餐廳的主廚。
4. 謝里丹為了使他的飲品更獨特而做了什麼?
(A) 它用當地乳品新鮮產製的鮮奶油調製。
(B) 謝里丹使用自行蒸餾的威士忌。
(C) 它和著名的電影明星一同出現在廣告中。
(D) 該飲品被放在透明的玻璃杯中呈上以讓它看起來驚豔。
答案:1. B 2. B 3. C 4. D


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