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The Queen’s Iconic Style 皇家時尚大揭密!

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The Queen’s Iconic Style  皇家時尚大揭密!
by Ivy Liu


  Queen Elizabeth II has long been turning heads with her bright neon-colored wardrobe. While she has always had an impeccable sense of style throughout her years in Buckingham Palace, there’s more to her colorful attire and purses than meets the eye. Instead of sporting plain old boring beige, the Queen wears vivid clothing that will ensure her unmistakable visibility at public events, especially important given her small stature. Her daughter-in-law Sophie, Countess of Wessex, explained in the documentary The Queen at 90, “She needs to stand out for people to be able to say, ‘I saw the Queen.’” It gives a new meaning to her famous remark, “I have to be seen to be believed.” Her bold neon green outfit on her 90th birthday in 2016 drew more attention than usual because of its striking similarity to green screens used in filmmaking, and the internet had a field day.
  Queen Elizabeth II is also never seen without her signature Launer purse. With a collection of over 200 of them, the Queen uses her handbags to send secret coded messages to her staff. Depending on where it is placed, the bag can help her get out of conversations with whomever she’s talking to. If she switches her bag from her left arm to her right arm, it means she would like to wrap things up within five minutes. If her bag is placed on the table during dinner, it means the event should end shortly. And if her bag is placed on the floor, it means she needs to escape from an uncomfortable situation immediately. The contents of the Queen’s bag, however, are not that different from what women usually carry: reading glasses, mints, a mirror, lipstick, and sometimes a camera.
1. What is the significance of the Queen’s quote mentioned in the first paragraph?
(A) It reveals her desire to be recognized by the fashion world.
(B) It demonstrates the private lives of the Queen’s extended family.
(C) It has been difficult for the people of the Commonwealth to believe in the Queen.
(D) It shows the importance of defining the monarchy’s image in modern times.
2. What is the most likely meaning of “had a field day”?
(A) Reviewed a military drill and exercise.
(B) Participated in a charity sporting contest.
(C) Attended an annual radio emergency exercise.
(D) Had a good time poking fun at somebody.
3. What should her staff do if the Queen moves her handbag to the floor?
(A) Find a way to end the event within five minutes.
(B) Offer to bring her some biscuits and refreshments.
(C) Discreetly escort her away from the scene.
(D) Remind her to quickly finish up her conversation with someone.
4. Where would this passage most likely be found?
(A) In a book of quotes.
(B) In a style magazine.
(C) In a literature anthology.
(D) In a housekeeping magazine.

neon n. 霓虹燈
wardrobe n.
impeccable a. 無可挑剔的
attire n. 衣服(集合名詞,不可數)
beige n. & a. 米白色(的)
visibility n. 能見度
stature n. 身材
countess n. 伯爵夫人;女伯爵
coded a. 密碼的;編碼的
an extended family  (數代同堂的)大家庭
 extended a. 延長的;伸長的;延期的
Commonwealth n. 大英國協
the monarchy  君主及王室成員
 monarchy n. 君主制/政體
refreshments n. 茶點(恆用複數)
discreetly adv. 謹慎地
anthology n. 選集

1. turn (people’s) heads  引人注目,受到關注
• My sister has the kind of beauty that turns heads wherever she goes.

2. there’s more to sth than meets the eye 
• Molly may look happy every day, but there’s more to her life than meets the eye.

3. stand out  顯眼;脫穎而出,出色
• With her nose ring and purple hair, Rita stands out in a crowd.

4. depending on...  
• Depending on the type of job I get, I might take some night school classes.

5. wrap... up / wrap up...  結束……
• It’s getting late. We should wrap up the meeting quickly.

6. poke fun at sb  取笑某人,奚落某人
= make fun of sb
• I refuse to listen to you poke fun at my friend.

1. iconic a. 代表性的,指標性的
• That iconic logo is recognized everywhere in the world.

2. sport vt. 穿戴;炫耀,誇示
• Edwin sported his new suit and tie for the wedding.

3. ensure vt. 確保,保證
• The police are out to ensure that laws are obeyed.

4. unmistakable a. 明顯的;不可能弄錯的
• There was an unmistakable smell of stinky tofu in the office.

5. documentary n. 紀錄片
• This documentary was shot in the small town where the story happened.

6. outfit n.(尤指整套的)服裝(可數)
• Patrick looks stylish in that outfit.

7. signature a. 招牌的(只放在名詞前作前位修飾)& n.(人或物的)識別標誌;簽名
• The chef’s signature dish is grilled salmon.

8. contents n.(皮包、箱子裡的)內容物/(書籍、信件的)內容(恆用複數)
content n.(網站、文章、影片、電視節目、演講等的)內容(不可數)
• The customs officer asked the traveler to display the contents of his suitcase.
• The content of some websites is not suitable for children.

9. demonstrate vt. 展示;展現
• Nicolas demonstrated his athletic talent by winning the decathlon.
*decathlon n. 十項全能運動

10. drill n. 訓練,練習
• The coach focused on defensive drills the week before the big game.

11. annual a. 每年的,一年一度的
• The annual membership fee at this gym is NT$15,000.

12. escort vt. 護送 & n. 護送
under police escort  在警方護送下
• Guards escorted the prisoner back to his cell.
*cell n. 單人牢房
• After the verdict was announced, the members of the jury left the courthouse under police escort.
*verdict n. 判決

given prep. 考慮到,有鑑於
given + N  考慮到/有鑑於……
• Teaching seems to be the right job for Bonnie given her interest in children.
a. given 後除可接名詞外,還可接子句,句型如下:
given (that) + S + V
• Given that the typhoon is fast approaching, we should postpone the picnic.
b. considering + N / (that) + S + V
considering prep. 考慮到,有鑑於
• Your father is in great health, considering his age.
• Considering that oil prices are still very high, we should all conserve energy.
c. seeing (that) + S + V
• Seeing that the economy is still weak, we should think twice about making any investments.
d. in view of...
• In view of her excellent performance, I recommend Nina to you without any reservations.
e. in (the) light of...
• Andy’s company changed its marketing strategy in light of the recent sales figures.

Queen Elizabeth II is also never seen without her signature Launer purse.
never / not... without V-ing  每……必然……
• Tom never sees a balloon animal without asking for one.
Whenever S + V, S + V  每……,必然……
= Each time S + V, S + V
= Every time S + V, S + V
Whenever Sally is about to buy something, she thinks about it twice.
※ “never... without...” 之句構乃由 “Whenever + S + V, S + V” 之句構變化而來,步驟如下:
1) 刪除此副詞子句中的 whenever,並在主詞後置 never,即成主要子句。
2) 將其後主要子句中之相同主詞去掉,動詞變為動名詞,再於其前加上 without 即成。
Whenever I see Alison, I feel happy.
→ I never see Alison without feeling happy.
※ 補充用法:
no... is / would be complete without...  沒有/少了……,……就不算完整;一定要……才算……
• No dinner would be complete without dessert.
= Dinner wouldn’t be complete without dessert.


  女王伊莉莎白二世長久以來一直以她明亮的霓虹顏色服裝贏得超高回頭率。雖然她於白金漢宮在位以來一直擁有無可挑剔的風格,但她色彩繽紛的服裝和皮包不僅僅像表面那麼簡單。女王穿著顏色鮮豔的衣服,而非樸素無趣的米白色服裝,這確保她能在公共活動中很明顯就被群眾看見,因為她身材嬌小,所以這點特別重要。她的兒媳威塞克斯伯爵夫人蘇菲在《我們九十歲的女王》的紀錄片中解釋說,「她需要很顯眼,讓人們能夠說:『我見到女王了。』」這為女王的名言賦予新的意義:「我需要被人民看見,才能被相信。」她在 2016 年九十歲大壽時穿了色彩絢麗的霓虹綠服裝,引起了比平時更多的關注,因為這顏色與電影製作使用的綠幕(編按:在拍攝電影或電視劇時會使用綠幕,其作用是為了區分前景和背景,方便後期製作時去背、加特效等)有著驚人的相似之處,而網友也抓住機會大做文章。
1. 第一段提到女王名言的重要意義是什麼?
(A) 透露出她渴望得到時尚界的認可。
(B) 展示了女王家族的私生活。
(C) 大英國協人民很難相信女王。
(D) 顯示了在現代定義君主及王室成員形象的重要性。
2. “had a field day” 最可能的意思為何?
(A) 檢閱軍事訓練和演習。
(B) 參加慈善體育賽事。
(C) 出席年度無線電緊急演習。
(D) 從捉弄某人中獲得樂趣。
3. 如果女王將手提包放到地上,她的幕僚該做什麼?
(A) 想辦法在五分鐘內結束活動。
(B) 提供她一些餅乾和點心。
(C) 謹慎護送她離開現場。
(D) 提醒她趕快結束與某人的對話。
4. 這篇文章最有可能在哪裡找到?
(A) 在一本語錄中。
(B) 在一本時尚雜誌中。
(C) 在一本文學選集中。
(D) 在一本家政雜誌中。
1. D 2. D 3. C 4. B




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