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Picture Perfect or Mirror Image? 鏡中完美……純屬虛構?

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Picture Perfect or Mirror Image?  鏡中完美……純屬虛構?
by William Ryan


  Have you ever taken a selfie and then thought, “I don’t look as good as I thought?” You checked yourself out in the mirror and, happy with what you saw, snapped a photo. To your surprise, the picture is unflattering and you hardly __1__ yourself. What happened?
  Humans look better in their mirror images than in pictures. There are several reasons for this. For one, what we see in the mirror is a
flipped __2__ of reality, one we have grown accustomed to over time. Scientists call this the “mere-exposure effect.” Essentially, we like it because we are so __3__ it. Another reason is that most faces possess some asymmetry, which is more apparent in photographs. There is also the vanity factor. Most people believe they are more attractive than they are. __4__ these psychological factors, photography and posing skills, choice of clothing, and lighting all come into play. Even the camera used influences the impression we get of ourselves, though opinion is divided on how. Some say the better the camera, the better the image. Other sources claim that grainy images produced by cheap pocket cameras hide facial flaws that are best left unnoticed. __5__ others suggest another possible factor is lens distortion. When your face is close to the camera, the lens can distort some features to make them look larger than they are.
  The bottom line is that we are each unique and meant to look different. Looking like a cookie-cutter Instagram image is boring and unimaginative. It is better to showcase your own unique beauty!
1. (A) recognize  (B) behave  (C) disguise  (D) persuade
2. (A) imagination  (B) observation  (C) reflection  (D) translation
3. (A) capable of  (B) familiar with  (C) dependent on  (D) subject to
4. (A) Provided  (B) Regarding  (C) Except  (D) Besides
5. (A) Only  (B) Among  (C) Even  (D) Still

picture perfect  (外表/品質)完美的(較常見的寫法為 picture-perfect)
a mirror image  
selfie n. 自拍照
unflattering a. 使……顯得難看的,不敢恭維的
asymmetry n. 不對稱
vanity n. 虛榮(心);自負
grainy a.(照片)粗糙的,有顆粒的
distortion n. 歪曲,失真,變形
distort vt. & vi.(使)變形/失真
(the) bottom line  要旨;底線
unimaginative a. 無新意的
showcase vt. 展現

1. To your surprise, the picture is unflattering and you hardly recognize yourself.
a. (A) recognize vt. 認出,辨識出
• The cashier did not see the robber’s face, but she could recognize his voice.
(B) behave vi. 表現
• The little boy behaved as if he were a grown man.
(C) disguise vt. & n. 假扮,偽裝
• The officer disguised himself as a bum so he wouldn’t be noticed.
*bum n. 遊民,流浪漢
(D) persuade vt. 說服
• Becky persuaded her parents to get her a puppy.
b. 根據語意,令你驚訝的是,你自拍的那張照片很難看,而且你幾乎「認」不「出」你自己,故 (A) 項應為正選。

2. For one, what we see in the mirror is a flipped reflection of reality, one we have grown accustomed to over time.
a. (A) imagination n. 想像力
• According to the advertisement, this job requires a strong imagination.
(B) observation n. 觀察,觀測
• The doctor advised Connie to stay in the hospital for further observation.
(C) reflection n. 倒影;反射
• As Sammie walked past a car, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in its window.
(D) translation n. 翻譯
• The translation of the book took Ron about a year.
b. 根據語意,第一,我們在鏡中看見的是與現實中左右相反的「倒影」,這個倒影隨著時間已經逐漸成為我們習慣看到的樣子,故 (C) 項應為正選。

3. Essentially, we like it because we are so familiar with it.
a. (A) be capable of N/V-ing  
• Benjamin is capable of playing multiple musical instruments.
(B) be familiar with...  熟悉……
• Being a big fan of Ang Lee, Gina is very familiar with all of his works.
(C) be dependent on...  依賴/取決於……
• Young children are dependent on parents for many things.
• Whether I can go on vacation or not is dependent on my year-end bonus.
(D) be subject to...  
• Samantha has been subject to migraines since her early teens.
*migraine n. 偏頭痛
• Flights are subject to delays due to the weather.
b. 根據語意,基本上,我們會因為對自己的倒影感到「熟悉」而喜歡它,故 (B) 項應為正選。

4. Besides these psychological factors, photography and posing skills, choice of clothing, and lighting all come into play.
a. (A) provided conj. 只要,如果……的話
• We will go camping tomorrow, provided you finish your homework today.
(B) regarding prep. 關於
• The ultimate decision regarding whom to hire will be made by the boss.
(C) except prep. ……除外
• Nobody except Peter enjoyed that horror movie.
(D) besides prep. 除了……之外(還……)
besides N/V-ing  除了……之外
= in addition to N/V-ing
• Besides math, Lucy is good at art.
b. 空格前為單純曝光效應的各項心理因素,而空格後又舉出其他實際因素使照片中的自己較難看,可知本句為承接上句的補充說明,故 (D) 項應為正選。

5. Some say... Other sources claim... Still others suggest another possible factor is lens distortion.
a. 本題測試下列固定用法:
some (+ 複數名詞)... others / other + 複數名詞... still others / still other + 複數名詞...  一些……另一些……還有一些……(用於非限定的三個群體)
• For some, online shopping is a way to release stress. For others, it can save time and energy. For still others, it is nothing but a waste of money.
• People say goodbye in different ways. Some travelers may not even need you with them on the way to the airport. Others may just say goodbye at the door before getting into the terminal. Still other travelers may want you to go in with them.
b. 根據上述用法,可知 (D) 項應為正選。

1. (much) to sb’s surprise  
• To the publisher’s surprise, the book sold like hot cakes.
*sell like hot cakes  極為暢銷,熱賣

2. grow / get / become accustomed to N/V-ing  (逐漸)適應……
accustomed a. 習慣的
• It isn’t easy for a foreigner to get accustomed to the local lifestyle.

3. over time  (隨著時間)漸漸地/慢慢地
• Over time, those little tadpoles turned into frogs.
*tadpole n. 蝌蚪

4. come into play  有影響,起作用;開始生效
• Renee tries not to let her personal feelings come into play when making decisions.
• The new policy is scheduled to come into play by the end of this year.

1. snap vt. & vi. 拍攝(照片)
• While in Australia, Tina asked her brother to snap a picture of her holding a koala.

2. flip vt. & vi.
flip over  翻轉
• The roach flipped over on its back soon after Ted poured soapy water on it.

3. mere a. 僅僅,只不過
• Visual aids are often more useful for learning than mere lectures.

4. exposure n. 暴露;接觸
• The wooden columns are severely decayed as a result of exposure to the elements.
*the elements  (尤指惡劣的)天候狀況

5. essentially adv. 基本上;本質上
• We are essentially concerned with ending the conflict, not with discovering who started it.

6. possess vt. 具有/擁有(某特質或能力等)
• Megan possesses a good sense of humor, and all of her friends enjoy her company.

7. apparent a. 顯而易見的;明白的
• It was becoming increasingly apparent to James that Erin didn’t like him.

8. psychological a. 心理/精神的
• A neglected child may grow up with psychological problems.

9. photography n. 攝影
• Flash photography is not allowed in the museum.

10. impression n. 印象,感想
• Walter made a positive impression on his girlfriend’s parents with his good manners.

11. facial a. 臉部的
• Sally applies facial moisturizer daily to keep her skin smooth.

12. unnoticed a. 不被注意的
• Jimmy’s absence went unnoticed until the end of the meeting.

flaw n. 瑕疵,缺陷
• The jewel is cheaper than the other gems because it has some flaws in it.
a. fault n. 故障;毛病
• The technicians are still working to fix the fault in our network.
b. defect n. 缺點,缺陷,毛病
• It is necessary to check your products for defects before shipment.
c. weakness n.
• A number of scientists have pointed out the weakness in this new theory.
d. bug n.(電腦程式或機器的)故障/毛病
• Lynn systematically located and corrected each bug in the program.
e. glitch n. 小故障,小差錯
• Rudy visited the electronic store to resolve a glitch in his earphones.


  最重要的是,我們每個人都是獨一無二,而且本來就是要長得不一樣。長得像千篇一律的 Instagram 照片人物是件無聊又沒創意的事。展現出自己獨特的美才是更好的!
1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. D



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