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Sickboy Laughs in the Face of Illness 用笑聲回應病痛的勇士

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2019/12/03 第441期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱

Sickboy Laughs in the Face of Illness  用笑聲回應病痛的勇士
by Lauren McCarthy


  There seem to be podcasts for everything and anything from true crime to social etiquette to meditation. Users can play along with interactive mysteries or listen to __1__ fiction. One of the most common traits of podcasts is that they are educational. This is certainly true of Sickboy, a series that interviews individuals dealing with various diseases or illnesses. __2__ that may seem a bit heavy, each episode is filled with a surprising amount of humor.
  Started in 2015, Sickboy is produced by three friends from Halifax, Canada. Their __3__ for the show came from cohost Jeremie Saunders’ personal battle with cystic fibrosis, CF for short. A genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs, CF has no cure and today’s median life expectancy for __4__ with the disease is roughly 35 years. In the first episode of Sickboy, Saunders discussed learning at age 10 that he had a shortened lifespan. At the same time, he told stories of dealing with CF that will have listeners laughing. From horribly embarrassing medical procedures to dating with the illness, Saunders’ story invites laughter, not pity.
  For over 200 episodes, Sickboy’s hosts have brought this same sense of humor and ease to other illnesses. Their goal is "dispelling any and all stigma that comes with the territory of being sick." __5__, they have spoken with people dealing with cancer, depression, miscarriages, amputations, and more. In each episode, every guest has the chance to share their experiences and show that they don’t have to be defined by or ashamed of their illness.
1. (A) visible  (B) visual  (C) audio  (D) automatic
2. (A) While  (B) Since  (C) Provided  (D) Regarding
3. (A) advantage  (B) equipment  (C) opportunity  (D) inspiration
4. (A) that  (B) those  (C) whom  (D) what
5. (A) After all  (B) By contrast  (C) To this end  (D) In other words

podcast n. 播客(線上串流廣播節目,由 iPod 和 broadcast 拼綴而成)
etiquette n. 禮節,禮儀
meditation n. 冥想;打坐
mystery n. 推理/懸疑作品
fiction n. 小說類(不可數)
episode n.(節目等的)一集
cohost n. 共同主持人
cystic fibrosis  囊狀纖維化症(簡稱 CF,為一種常見的遺傳疾病,此病症最常影響肺臟,長期影響包含肺部感染所導致的呼吸困難以及積痰)
genetic a. 遺傳的,基因的
median a. 中間的
life expectancy  平均/預期壽命
 expectancy n. 預期
stigma n. 汙名;恥辱
miscarriage n. 流產
amputation n. 截肢
 amputate vt. 截肢
 amputee n. 被截肢者

1. Users can play along with interactive mysteries or listen to audio fiction.
a. (A) visible a. 可看見的
• The tall building is clearly visible from five kilometers away.
(B) visual a. 視覺的
• Visual aids are an essential part of teaching.
(C) audio a. 聲音的;音頻的
• With the help of the audio guide, I learned many details about the artist’s work.
(D) automatic a. 自動的
• The restrooms in this building have been fitted with automatic faucets.
b. 由空格前的 listen to(收聽)可知,用戶在播客上可以收聽「有聲」小說,故 (C) 項應為正選。

2. While that may seem a bit heavy, each episode is filled with a surprising amount of humor.
a. (A) while 作副詞連接詞時,可表「儘管,雖然」,等於 though 或 although,其所引導的副詞子句通常置於句首,其後加逗點,再接主要子句。
• While many of the customers sampled the chocolates, few of them bought anything.
(B) since 作副詞連接詞時,可表「因為」,等於 because。
• Since you’ve lied to me so many times in the past, I can’t trust you anymore.
(C) provided 作副詞連接詞時,表「只要」,亦可用 providing。
• Provided you pass your driving test, we will buy you a car.
(D) regarding 為介詞,表「關於」,等於 concerning 或 with regard to,須以名詞作受詞。由於空格後為一完整子句,故不可選。
• Regarding the problems the project is causing, actions are being taken to deal with them.
b. 根據語意,「儘管」那似乎有點沉重,但《疾病男孩》每一集都充滿了程度驚人的幽默,可知 (A) 項應為正選。

3. Their inspiration for the show came from cohost Jeremie Saunders’ personal battle with cystic fibrosis, CF for short.
a. (A) advantage n. 優點;優勢;益處
• You should consider the advantages and disadvantages before moving to the countryside.
(B) equipment n. 設備,裝備(集合名詞,不可數)
a piece of equipment  一項設備
• There are certain pieces of equipment you need in order to go scuba diving.
(C) opportunity n. 機會
• The new employment policy guarantees both men and women equal opportunities.
(D) inspiration n. 靈感
• The author gets her inspiration from her children.
b. 根據語意,《疾病男孩》的「靈感」來自共同主持人傑瑞米.桑德斯對抗囊狀纖維化症的切身經歷,故 (D) 項應為正選。

4. A genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs, CF has no cure and today’s median life expectancy for those with the disease is roughly 35 years.
a. 空格前為介詞 for,而空格後為介詞片語 with the disease(患有這種疾病),可知空格應置名詞或代名詞作 for 的受詞並被 with the disease 修飾,(C) whom 及 (D) what 並非名詞或代名詞,故不可選。
b. those 可作代名詞,表「那些人」,等於 those people,置入後表「那些」患有這種疾病的「人」,故 (B) 項應為正選。

5. To this end, they have spoken with people dealing with cancer, depression, miscarriages, amputations, and more.
a. (A)
After all, S + V  畢竟,……
• Don’t expect too much of Billy. After all, he is only a child.
By contrast, S + V  相較之下,……
• Life in the city is pretty busy. By contrast, living in the country is quite relaxing.
To this end, S + V  
• We want to save money for a scooter. To this end, we are eating out less often.
In other words, S + V  換言之,……
• We all make mistakes. In other words, no one is perfect.
b. 空格前提到《疾病男孩》的目標,空格後提及他們做了什麼,可知空格應置入表「目的」的轉折詞,故答案應選 (C) To this end。

1. in the face of...  面對……(問題或困難等)
• Sandra is very calm in the face of danger.

2. come / go with the territory  
territory n. 領土;地區
• In many professional sports, injuries come with the territory.

3. be defined by...  被……所定義/界定
• A man is defined by his actions.
觀其行知其人。── 諺語

4. be ashamed of...  以……為恥;因……感到羞愧
ashamed a.(人)感到可恥/羞愧的
• Why did you cheat on the test? I’m ashamed of you.

1. interactive a. 互動的;相互影響的
• Students learn better and faster from courses that are interactive.

2. trait n. 特質
= characteristic n.
• Arrogance and laziness are two of Larry’s worst personality traits.

3. series n. 系列(節目/活動)(單複數同形)
a series of...  一系列/一連串的……
• Stella went through a series of interviews before being offered the job.

4. primarily adv. 主要地
• This fashion magazine is primarily targeted at teens.

5. lifespan n. 平均壽命
• In the past, people had shorter lifespans.

6. horribly adv. 極其,非常(口語用法,帶有負面意味)
• The dance show went horribly wrong when a dancer forgot her routine and disturbed the whole performance.

7. embarrassing a. 令人尷尬的,難堪的
• It was so embarrassing to slip and fall in front of the boy I liked.

8. procedure n. 手術;治療;程序;手續
• The doctor detailed the surgical procedure to Ted before the operation.
*surgical a. 手術的;外科的

9. invite vt. 招致
• The low security at that store is inviting crime.

10. pity n. 同情,憐憫(不可數);憾事(可數)
feel / have pity for...  對……感到同情
it is a pity + that 子句  ……是件可惜/遺憾的事
• The little girl felt pity for the injured puppy.
• It is a pity that you didn’t come to the party last week. We all had a good time.

11. dispel vt. 驅除(觀念、情緒等)
• The mother’s soothing words dispelled any fears the children had about moving.

illness n. 疾病;生病的狀態
disease n.(尤指會傳染或影響身體某部位的)疾病
• Stress can lead to illness.
• Mosquitoes spread diseases such as malaria.
a. sickness n. 患病
motion sickness  暈動病(如暈車、暈機和暈船)
• A way to stop the effects of motion sickness is to focus on the horizon.
b. disorder n.(身體機能的)疾病/失調
• Anxiety is a kind of mental disorder that requires medication.
c. infection n. 感染;傳染(病)
infect vt. 使感染/傳染(常用被動語態)
• AIDS lowers the body’s resistance to infection.
d. ailment n. 小病,微恙
• The doctor diagnosed the man with a common stomach ailment.


  《疾病男孩》創於 2015 年,由來自加拿大哈利法克斯市的三位朋友製作。這個節目的靈感來自共同主持人傑瑞米.桑德斯對抗囊狀纖維化症(簡稱 CF)的切身經歷。囊狀纖維化症是主要影響肺部的遺傳性疾病,它無藥可醫,且患有這種疾病的人現今平均壽命的中間值大約是三十五歲。在《疾病男孩》的首集節目中,桑德斯談到自己十歲時得知自己的壽命不長。同時,他講述對抗囊狀纖維化症的故事會讓聽眾哈哈大笑。從極度尷尬的醫療手術到與疾病約會,桑德斯的故事招來了笑聲,而非同情。
1. C 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. C


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